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UX design

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Schedule payment feature

The bank had been providing Standing Order transactional services to customers for many years, but the process required customers to request this service at a physical branch. With the increasing shift of customers towards digital platforms, there was a pressing need for a faster, more convenient, and mobile solution.

tour guide feature

For a considerable period, user experience (UX) wasn't given priority in product development within Kenya. Consequently, customers encountered a spectrum of experiences, ranging from positive to negative. One prevalent negative experience was the challenge customers encountered in adapting to changes in their user experience.

Planet.Earth project

Planet.Earth, also known as Dot.Earth, is a UK-based platform designed for freelancers worldwide. It serves as a marketplace where freelancers can sell, rent, or buy services, equipment, and collaboration opportunities across various fields and industries. As a relatively new initiative, its goal is to attract a global audience and revolutionize the way collaborations, networking, and skill-sharing occur on a global scale.

BambaSwap Redesign

BambaSwap is a Kenyan initiative aimed at providing cheap and convenient solutions for customers who want to convert their airtime to cash or buy cheap airtime, at discounted prices. This was a nifty initiative because a customer could be in possession of Airtime and wish to convert it to monetary value and use that value to buy or pay for other products and services.
With that ambition in mind, and an existing proof of concept application in the market, the app needed to evolve, based on the feedback provided and a need for a richer user experience

Equity online Project

To develop this solution, we conducted extensive design research, analyzing apps in the same financial field and other fields that involved scheduling aspects, such as social and community apps. We studied human behaviour patterns, the terminology used, and customer concerns to formulate our approach.