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Planet.Earth, also known as Dot.Earth, is a UK-based platform designed for freelancers worldwide. It serves as a marketplace where freelancers can sell, rent, or buy services, equipment, and collaboration opportunities across various fields and industries. As a relatively new initiative, its goal is to attract a global audience and revolutionize the way collaborations, networking, and skill-sharing occur on a global scale.


The objective of my part of the project was to create motion content that would reflect the nature of the platform, with the maximum reach and appeal possible. To achieve this, given that the platform is heavily gamified, I decided to go with immersive 3D. This brought out the gamification aspect, making the content engaging and immersive, leaving an impression from each interaction.

The tone taken to express this was from a user centered point of view, where We decided to take the user on a journey to explore the platform interaction and features, beyond the general know-how of what the platform does.


Within the overarching scope of the project, three distinct processes emerged to address three different needs that were identified. Keeping the mental model approach in mind, I focused on striking a balance between animation and performance to ensure an optimal user experience.

This involved carefully considering how animations could enhance usability and convey information effectively without compromising the platform’s performance. By prioritising clarity and efficiency in animation design, we aimed to create a seamless and intuitive user journey while meeting the specific needs identified within each process.

Inspired by the mental model approach, I defined; 

1. Motion of purpose;

  • What does this mean
  • What do I do next
  • Confirmation and result (feedback/outcome of an action) 

2. Type of motion

  • Informative
  • Interactive
  • Feedback

Quality management, interaction consistency and change reconciliation was approached with the design process in mind

interaction design

In this phase of the project, I was tasked with defining the interaction and behaviour of ready UI design screens, with some requiring modifications or recreation. Using demo materials, I worked to ensure that the interactions were aligned with the intended user experience and functionality outlined in the design screens. These interactions were crucial for informing the next phase of the project and providing a foundation for the development of the final product.

Interaction for the various screens was meticulously defined, with a keen focus on both the primary functions and hidden features. Emphasising the platform’s gamification aspect, which was executed in both 2D and 3D, we ensured that motion was smooth and responsive, imbued with a sense of playfulness. Each action was designed to have a subtle bounce and interactive feedback, enhancing user engagement and enjoyment.

To complement this approach, the tone adopted was akin to a first-person walkthrough, guiding users through the interface with a combination of voice-over narration and background music. This immersive experience aimed to captivate users and highlight the platform’s unique features and capabilities.

Campaign and promo videos

In this phase, the content created for interaction design underwent further enhancement to increase its immersion. While the motion within interaction design served the purpose of enhancing user interaction, in campaign and promotional materials, the goal was to make it visually stunning, captivating, and memorable, leaving a lasting impression. To achieve this, I opted to incorporate more 3D elements, which resulted in a more fluid experience for exploring the various use cases and functions supporting those use cases. This approach not only increased engagement but also showcased the platform’s capabilities in a dynamic and compelling manner.

The videos needed to reflect the gamification aspect, which was more pronounced given the flexibility to incorporate visual effects not always feasible within the platform-based application itself. The pacing and timing of the motion were carefully adjusted to allow for seamless integration of voice-overs, sound effects, and background music during post-production. This ensured that the videos not only captured the essence of the platform’s gamification but also maintained an engaging and cohesive narrative throughout.

In-App animation

In this phase of the project, my task was to define the interaction and behaviour of the provided UI design screens. While most screens were ready for implementation, a few required modifications or recreation. Using demo materials, I worked on defining how users would interact with the interface and how it would respond to their actions. These defined interactions served as a foundation for the next phase of the project, ensuring a seamless transition from design to development.

In defining interactions for the various screens, the primary focus was on highlighting the core functions as well as any hidden features, providing users with a comprehensive experience. To convey the gamification aspect, which spanned both 2D and 3D elements, we incorporated smooth and responsive motion throughout the interface. Each action was designed to have a subtle bounce and interactive feedback, enhancing user engagement and enjoyment.

To complement this approach, we adopted a first-person walkthrough tone, guiding users through the interface as if they were experiencing it firsthand. This was further enhanced with complementary voice-over narration and background music, creating an immersive and memorable user experience.

Take away

The goal of my project involvement was to produce motion content that truly captured the essence of the platform while maximising its reach and appeal. Recognising the platform’s heavy gamification, I opted for an immersive 3D approach to highlight this aspect and create engaging and memorable content that would leave an impression with each interaction.

The tone chosen to convey this was user-centred, focusing on taking the user on a journey to explore the platform’s interactions and features in depth, going beyond just understanding the platform’s basic functionalities. By adopting this approach, we aimed to provide users with a comprehensive understanding and experience of the platform’s capabilities and unique offerings.