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Motion &

UX Designer

Hello there. I’m Victor Wanjohi, a senior motion and UX designer, who translates complex ideas into use-friendly interfaces and interactions that delight and engage



Welcome to my online portfolio! I specialize in motion design, motion graphics, interaction design, and UX design. With a passion for creating captivating visual experiences, I combine creativity with technical expertise to bring ideas to life. Explore my journey below and discover how I can help elevate your brand’s digital presence.

Motion graphics and other motion driven projects. Experience the magic of motion with my dynamic motion design and graphics, with each design meticulously crafted to engage and inspire. Explore captivating animations and visuals that bring stories to life.
Welcome to a world where creativity meets movement
UX design and other UX driven projects. Discover seamless experiences with my UX design approach. Dive into intuitive interfaces and user-centric solutions that elevate digital interactions, placing users at the heart of digital innovation. Welcome to a world where user experience reigns supreme.