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Galina Kenya Limited

Galina Kenya are wine importers, retailers and distributors in Kenya. Their business is purely everything wine, from handling to holding master classes and vending for events and festivals around the country


As wine importers, Galina often brings in new wine, and needs to promote it, while still campaigning and pushing for their best sellers. The task here was to create marketing videos for the wine. This was to be done while promoting the brand as well. The videos were intended to advertise the wine as well as the brand, pushing for sales and awareness.

The videos made would be used as social media content, TVCs on various local TV stations, and promotional screens during shows and festivals


With each wine, came a new style. Wines reflect a way of life, a lifestyle, and that meant that with each product, the video had to abide by the nature of the product. With that in mind, I decided to make it all feel like a storytelling experience. The styles had to be entertaining and attractive to get the attention of the audience. This was achieved by a blend of 2D character, 3D assets and 2D environments, which allowed use of a wide variety of special effects.

promo videos

The nature of Galina Kenya and the products they deal with, allow a flexible variation of the tone used from one video to another. As such, I was able to come up with a wide variety of animation concepts, which were well received by Galinas social media audience, as they presented  a playful and fun appeal

Each promo video had o be tailored toward its source and nature, its intended audience and the platform which it was to be marketed on.  This allowed each product to have its own identity and eventually, clientele


Post production

While promoting a product or event, video content would be shot, and I would be tasked with their post production. Such content would be used across platforms and would be either coverage of events or product features such as the sample below

By nature of the business and in creating awareness, staff and management to Galina would hold, attend and participate in events and festivals. 
From such events, footage and other media captured would also be edited for reels and feature coverage





Style choice - Minimal - Immersive

Motion of purpose (ease and pace) - Fun, responsive and comic

Research - Provided

Pre-production - storyboards designed fully, raw footage provided

Production - Animation and editing done fully

Post production - Music and V.O outsourced

Take away

As a brand that was meant for the fun times, Galina was open to new ideas and concepts, which resulted in some interesting results. The experimentation of the various approaches gave a diverse audience and kept a fresh look and feel on the brand, and on me too as I got to experiment with some concepts as well